Cut Your IT and Telecom Costs

Countless businesses have been materially impacted by COVID-19 and are now looking for ways to cut costs and improve efficiencies. As IT Strategists Huboptics offers a 360-Degree view of pricing in the market and are typically able to save clients an average of 30% over current costs. We help you get the best solution while also saving time.

IT Costs

The Huboptics team works with your IT team and business to understand these business values and helps translate it into an actionable technology delivering strategy. We will identify the tools needed for sevices that can and should be delivered internally versus managed services that can be delivered by external services providers thus reducing costs.

How we help you:
  • Needs assessment
  • IT strategy review
  • Services RFP creation and management
  • Technology Evalutations
  • Desktop as a Service solutions
  • Hardware as s Service solutions
  • Managed services selection.
Telecom Cost

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions have the added benefit of allowing companies to shift the cost from a capital expense to an operational expense and come with ease of management, free software updates, predictability in monthly spend, and no annual maintenance contracts.

The Huboptics team has expertise in designing solutions to address key customer needs. With years of experience, we help navigate the journey from business requirements to selection and implementation, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and return on investment.

How we help you:
  • Customer communications needs assessment
  • Audit existing service to build a return on investment strategy
  • Comprehensive needs assessment by UCaaS subject matter experts
  • Application and workload integration and collaboration
  • Process improvement assessment
  • Supplier and technology evaluation and demonstration
  • Supplier selection and implementation